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Dr. Juan J. Alonzo, Director, Film Studies Program.
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Interdisciplinary Minor in Film Studies

The Interdisciplinary Minor in Film Studies offers courses in the history, criticism, and theory of film. In contrast to technical and vocational programs, the Interdisciplinary Minor is an opportunity to pursue interpretations of the artistic, cultural, and intellectual importance of film. The curriculum begins with Introduction to Film Analysis, offers courses in a variety of genres and national cinemas, and culminates in a Senior Seminar involving research on a special topic in the study of film.

Requirements for the Minor in Film Studies

Eighteen credit hours in FILM courses, with a grade of C or higher in each course, including FILM 251, FILM 351, FILM 481 (or an equivalent course approved by the Coordinator), and nine credit hours of FILM electives from the list entitled Courses for Credit in the Minor. Other courses in film which are taught in the College of Liberal Arts may be counted as well, subject to the approval of the Coordinator for Film Studies.

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